Arnaldo Freire's work as a teacher has been very varied. He is the author of several methods for the guitar, he also teaches drums and bass.

Freire received honorable mention several times by the Goiania Municipal Sports, Culture and Recreation for their participation in the show “Violão e Violonistas Goianos”.
In 1996 he wrote, produced and designed the video curriculum, “Ritmos,” setting a new standard in guitar group lessons.  Through the collective work and practice with the video lesson, students learn the rhythms of popular music, which are organized into 50 lessons divided into three progressive stages.

Even the repertoire, the most important part of work, can be made available to students via Internet to develop learning and save time.

For guitar lessons, classes of 1st and 2nd grades and classes of 3rd and 4th grades, can be taught at the same time. For the other series is recommended for a limited number of students. For presentations, students can join the classes and the first presentation may be scheduled in the second month of school.

Arnaldo Freire has taught for fifteen years in Goiania, founded choral and guitar classes in colleges: Marista, Dinâmico, Disciplina, Maria Betânia, Agostiniano, COC e Olimpo. He was also professor of the Preparatory Course “PAS – Programa de Avaliação Seriada,” at the University of Brasília-UNB.

For group classes, Arnaldo works with his own material and multimedia resources. Group lessons with video, audio, handouts, summaries and tests. Some materials may be placed online for use by students and for online training.