1. Objective

2. Eligibility

3. Application

4. Schedule

5. Results

6. Awards


1. Objective:


The goal of this contest is to promote the work for guitar of Brazilian composer Arnaldo Freire: "12 Etudes, Opus 50".

The work "12 Etudes, Opus 50" is a collection of pieces that blend the guitar techniques with rhythms and styles of Brazilian music.

Information about the composer can be found online at www.freiremusic.com, www.wikipedia.org or at the Contemporary Music Documentation Centre of Unicamp (address and contact information at: http://www.ciddic.unicamp.br/cdmc.php )


2. Eligibility


Guitarists of any age and nationality may participate.

The participation happens through videos posted on Youtube (www.youtube.com), subject to open online voting.


3. Participation


Participation is done in two stages: registration and confirmation.




The registration fee is € 55.

The entry form is available at www.freiremusic.com

Each participant receives a digital copy of the book 'Guitar Works', by Arnaldo Freire. Each participant must choose 3 of the 12 Studies Op. 50 for his or her confirmation.

If you not able to do on website, send an email to freiremusicproduction@gmail.com, to receive other instructions.




Once the 3 Studies are selected, the registration is confirmed by the submission of links with performances recorded in video.

Only videos in Full HD 1080 quality and in color will be accepted. The video must contain the composer's name, the name of the Study and the name of the interpreter, in the beginning and at the end of the performance.

The fonts and colors for the text may be chosen freely by the participant.

The performance must be done in a single take and with only one camera. Editing and/or mixing will not be accepted.

All videos will be available for public appreciation at www.freiremusic.com.

The participation implies the cession of image and audio rights from the performer.

The voting will be held through a poll on Facebook (www.facebook.com), similar to that used by the London International Guitar Festival and other competitions.


4. Schedule

The period of registration is from 02 of September to 10 of October, 2015.

The period for confirmation and submission of videos is from 20 of October to 10 of November, 2015.

The voting period is from from 20 of November to 15 of December, 2015.

Anyone with a personal account on a social network can vote, such as: Facebook, Linkedin, Google plus, Twiter, VKontacte etc


5. Results


The results will be available online during the entire period of voting. The final results will be published at www.freiremusic.com in 20 of December, 2015.


6. Awards


The following prizes will be given to the winners:


1st Place: 1500 American Dollars, Diploma and Recording.

2nd Place: 700 American Dollars and Diploma.

3rd Place: Honorable Mention and Diploma.


The prizes will be paid via a money transfer system such as Western Union, Money Gram etc. depending on the nationality of the winners.

Recording will be made in Brazil, Mexico or Russia, depending on the nationality of the winner and the logistics involved in the process. In October or November 2016.

Any fees or taxes existing in the countries of the winners shall be deducted from the net value of the prize.

The participation in this contest implies the acceptance and agreement with this regulation.

Aditional information and questions may be sent to the following email address: freiremusicproduction@gmail.com .


Thank you!


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