As a guitarist he has received several awards including the National Guitar Competition at the Sao Paulo Faculty Mozarteum (1988) and the Competition Nacional de Violão Souza Lima (1996).In the years 1995, 1996 and 1997 Arnaldo Freire was the first musician to perform unprecedented concert premieres for Guitar and Orchestra in Goiás, conducted by Joaquim Jayme by the Symphony Orchestra of Goiânia.

Concerts from paulistas Achille Picchi and Eduardo Escalante and goiano Estércio Marquez were written especially for Freire. In 1999, three more unpublished concertos for guitar and orchestra were written for Arnaldo: by cariocas Odemar Brígido e Neder Nassaro and gaúcho Frederico Richter.

In 1999 and 2000, Arnaldo performed in Rio Grande do Sul with the Symphony Orchestra Santa Maria conducted by Ricardo Tacuchian (Academia Brasileira de Música) and the two concerts were dedicated to him by Frederico Richter. In 2002, he performed premieres of Concerto em Sol, de Pedro Cameron, with the the Goyazes Orchestra conducted by Eliseu Ferreira.